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Introducing Hercules da Vinci's new

I am very happy to present the psychomatic paintings of the mysterious and a tad
surly artist named Hercules da Vinci. I met Hercules at his encampment down by the
banks of Lady Bird Lake (formerly Town Lake), under the Lamar Boulevard bridge.

The very first thing Herc said to me when we met was, "Did you know that I sleep with
tin cans on my hands?" I'm not exactly sure as to what he was talking about, but maybe
it has something to do with protecting his hands at night ... I'm just guessing.

Hercules is proud to be the progenitor of the heretofore unknown Napkin Abstract.
The amazing and perplexing works presented below are just a sampling of the
voluminous Napkin Abstracts Hercules has created over the past ten years.
These works are 61/4" x 53/4"; the medium is oil on paper.

Click on any painting for a larger view.

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