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I saw this wayfaring duo while riding my bike last Monday. This is one of several photos
I shot while riding on my bicycle behind this pair. The driver never knew I was there!

(Scroll down to see THREE more photos I took of these guys)
2008 Jon Eric Narum

I first noticed this duo while riding up the spiral at the north end of the Pfluger Bridge.
This is the first photograph I took after catching up with them. As I was shooting another
photo, my camera knocked my hat off of my head, so I had to turn back and grab my hat.

(Keep scrolling for a couple more photos of this pair)
2008 Jon Eric Narum

After retrieving my hat, I again caught up, at the light on Riverside.
I was able to take several photos of these bicycle riders without
their ever having noticed that I was snapping their picture.

(Scroll down for a close-up photo of the dog and its perch)
2008 Jon Eric Narum

From all outward appearances, this bicycle is also a traveling home.
After crossing South Lamar, I continued riding behind the man and his dog
but knocked my cap off again! Got my hat; made up lost ground; was able to shoot
several more photos while trailing behind, the best being the first photo in this grouping.

(That's all for this week!)
2008 Jon Eric Narum